Air Duct Cleaning

As dirt build-up accumulates over time, the furnace/air handler will work harder to maintain the temperature in the house. That can cause a higher risk of damages and create a fire hazard. Once the air ducts are cleared of dirt, all of those risks will be removed, and the furnace/air handler will run smoothly again.
When the system is left dirty, dust, mold, and bacteria will eventually filter into the air that you breathe at home. Cleaning the air ducts ensures the circulation of high quality, fresh air throughout the house and eliminates the the the development of potential health issues such as allergies, coughs, headaches or asthma.
The furnace/air handler uses a lot more energy to heat and cool the house when it is left dirty but, after a thorough cleaning, cost of utility bills such as electricity and gas are likely to decrease, and the system's efficiency will return to normal.
Cleaning the dryer vent prevents house fires. Lint, which accumulates in the dryer vent when clothes are being dried, is a highly flammable substance. When the dryer vent becomes clogged, there is a danger that trapped hot air could ignite the lint debris. Cleaning the dryer vent eliminates this fire hazard immediately.
When clean, the dryer vent is free of obstructions and enables the dryer to take less time and energy to dry your clothes. This increase in efficiency, in turn, ensures a longer life span for your dryer.
The more efficiently the dryer works, the less energy it consumes, and the more likely it is that utility bill costs will be reduced.

Gutter Cleaning

First and foremost, cleaning the rain gutters prevents roof leaks and potential flooding. When rain gutters are left clogged with leaves and debris, the water is unable to drain correctly and could cause significant damage to your home. If too much water is retained, there is a risk of water seepage into the house foundation, forming gaping cracks or leaks in the basement that are expensive to fix. Rain Gutter cleaning prevents such leaks from starting.
Dirty gutters can encourage the presence of unwanted animal and insect nests, which could then potentially enter your home. Eliminating the dirt eliminates any potential animal habitat and keeps the gutters well maintained.
Wooden Fascia Boards that cover the roof rafters are also at risk of damage when exposed to the elements or, if the rain gutter should overflow, they can rot over time. Such damages can be avoided by maintaining the cleanliness of the gutter.

Handyman Services

Damages in your home that require professional attention, when left neglected, can lead to significant damages and expenses further down the road. All of this could be easily prevented with small, timely repairs.
Allow us to redesign a small area of your house with the right tools and the highest level of expertise. Avoid any DIY mishaps by choosing our knowledgeable, experienced technicians to do the job for you. No repair project is too small.
Make use of our experience as we assist you in the selection of materials and style choice for your home. We will provide you with the materials and give professional advice on designs and overall aesthetic appearance throughout the process.


The roof is one of the key parts of your home that protects it in any condition. If the roofing is done with improper care and attention, water can damage the ceiling, roof, room, and other areas. Moreover, it should act as a barrier to protect the home from catastrophic incidents. If you have observed moss, algae, or watermarks on the roof, it's time to take care of it and repair it as soon as possible. Be ready for a heavy loss if initiative isn't taken at the right time. To increase your house value, avail yourself of the services of The Cleaners & Builders roof remodeling, as roofing is an excellent investment that most house owners only make once in a while. To ensure that your roof is handled with great care and responsibility and by certified professionals who have been providing home remodeling services in West Haven, Connecticut, contact us, The Cleaners & Builders, as your best option for roofing.
ü Boost home value
ü Protection in any condition
ü Great roof finishing
ü Proper system of roof ventilation, gutters, and downspouts


Siding that offers durability and reliability.
Siding is the best possible way to take care of the home exterior. This durable vinyl protects the house, adds charm, and makes it eco-friendly according to the house's color scheme. The Cleaners & Builders, a home remodeling company from West Haven, Connecticut, provides siding services at such a professional level that you will not need to invest in siding for years. Instead, get your long-lasting weather protection as we focus on using vinyl siding to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. The perfect siding placement and neat quality work not only make the house look stunning, but also saves it from bad weather and makes it waterproof.

Why should you hire us?

The Cleaners & Builders is the best option, because every single type of home remodeling comes under its umbrella. Siding is a shield to protect the house from snow, rain, water, and the sun's heat. If you hire us, the best home siding company in Connecticut, you'll soon be worry-free because our experienced staff works perfectly to guard the house through the quality siding.
ü Save home from damage
ü Keep the house in your comfort zone
ü Worry-free service_ no matter what the situation may be.
ü Don't compromise the home value


You need quality fencing to beautify the home, protect pets and kids, and set the boundaries of your property. The Cleaners & Builders have provided exceptional fencing services to Connecticut residents, including vinyl, ornamental, chain link, cedar, pool code, and more. To have various fencing services handled by professionals, you need to hire The Cleaners & Builders because many property owners have previously availed themselves of our services.

Residential fencing

We choose stunning designs according to the home exterior. We will select vinyl for extra beauty if your home is built in a more modern style. Protect your property, animals, and kids while choosing fence services. Our quality work and honesty on the job will make you take pride in hiring us.

Quality services

The Cleaners & Builders take pride in providing all types of fencing services in Connecticut. Experienced staff and 24/7 services help you work on your ideas while not compromising safety. Our superior residential fencing services provide an excellent service based on the genuine material we use and the proper adjustment we make while installing fences. To learn more about our services, contact us through [email protected], 203-999-2416, or approach us at 445 Front Ave, Suite 195, West Haven, CT 06516.

Tree service

Your home or property view should be visible. However, if some factors block the view or cause problems in the future, you need to look for solutions. For example, if you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it can be dangerous and harm the house. Hire The Cleaners & Builders tree removal services. We are available 24/7 to help you day and night; if you are in an emergency, contact us directly to get our tree removal services; through [email protected], 203-999-2416, or approach us at 445 Front Ave, Suite 195, West Haven, CT 06516.

Why The Cleaners & Builders for tree removal?

We deal with tree removal professionally in a way that there will be no remnants. Also, our highly-qualified team and tech-oriented tools perform a thorough job. And lastly, our long experience in this service will differentiate us from other companies in CT.
ü Growing too close to buildings or power lines.
ü Place affected by the storm, water, or electricity
ü For proper tree service.


Cracks and holes in the basement (floor and walls) can damage your house significantly and affect its structural integrity quickly. In addition, cracks would allow the water to come in, weakening the flexibility and reliability of the concrete foundation. The best choice in this situation is foundation repair services that stop water from entering the house and causing so much damage.
The Cleaners & Builders work fast to cover cracks and save you from potential loss. Save your home and maintain its value, hire the Cleaners & Builders for house repairing and waterproofing.

Flooring Services

The Cleaners & Builders offer flooring services throughout the entire state of CT. Our experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and other residential repairs makes us one of the leading building companies in Connecticut. Regarding flooring services, you should contact us for a beautiful renovation. You might consider making your home, office, or property look even more appealing via unique floors. For that purpose, we provide general flooring services that will also increase safety measures. This service will make your living areas more appealing and comfortable. The availability of quality material for flooring will help you make this significant investment only once.

Ceramic tile

Apply ceramic tiles for bathrooms and shower rooms to increase their uniqueness. If you plan to have tiles for flooring, our experts will install them through reliable, professional means.


This option will be one of the best options for living rooms and dining room flooring. If you choose this option, we guarantee a result that you will never forget!


The most popular item for flooring is vinyl. Its flexibility, reliability, and catchy design will boost the floor's attractiveness. You can choose it for different types of rooms around your property.


If you are a property owner and your property has some exterior areas in need of a new surface, go for stone paving stones. For example, pavers will save money, time, and effort because they are the better option for this type of surface.

General Contracting

Hire The Cleaners & Builders for all your contracting needs. We have been providing contracting services that include home repairs, flooring, windows installation, and more for many years, with 100% responsibility and satisfaction. Suppose multiple services are needed at one location (property). In that case, provide an excellent option for customers to hire an experienced company that will provide all of those services with high levels of excellence.
For renovating your home according to those designs that you already have in mind, let us know, because we focus on converting your dreams into reality. Let's work together to realize your home remodeling dream.


Greenery adds beauty to any place. It adds a charming touch to the property and whoever sees it will be impressed. To create and maintain a glamorous view of your landscapes, hire The Cleaner and Builders, providing landscaping throughout CT. We will design and take care of the plants, flowers, and trees to help you feel relaxed and calm -- and landscaping can also increase the value of your property. We take pride in our landscaping services and commit to providing incredible maintenance. Let us help you take care of your yard in the most professional way possible.
We can offer our services to plan and design those exterior parts for you with unique techniques and lengthy experience that will bring you the best results. Moreover, it will increase creativity and make the greenery parts one of the best parts of your house. We install new plants and shrubs, create flower beds, plant trees, and more in perfect shape to modify the exterior beauty.


Because we have been in the landscaping field for decades, we will only provide the most professional landscaping. You can see that those customers who hired us for landscaping services in Connecticut provided entirely positive feedback, and that’s why you should hire us for certified installation and landscaping care.

Spring cleanup

We will clean up every kind of leaves, dry grass, dead plants, trees or bushes, weeds, and more with 100% satisfaction.


We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and annual trimming services for landscape maintenance. So get your plans and shrubs in good shape.

Lawn services

We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annual lawn services for landscape maintenance. So you should get your grass in the best shape possible with us!


We take care of your flowers, grass, and shrubs whenever you want us to. We can provide any landscaping maintenance that you can think of. Just give us a call; we do it all!

Water damage

Are you worried that water has done damage to your home? Don't worry, because The Cleaners & Builders will respond professionally to prevent further damage and start the water damage repair and restoration process as soon as possible. Moreover, an unimaginable storm, flood, or plumbing problem can cause catastrophic havoc to your property. We offer some prevention options for future damages as well as solving existing issues by coming up with the best solution possible and the fastest way to apply it. The Cleaners & Builders will do a perfect, reasonably priced job for you.
We have advanced devices to detect problems, as well as decades of experience that will find the ultimate solution to repair the damage and prevent it in the future. In addition, we have a lot of experience in building prevention systems, so you can choose us to help you prepare a perfect solution that will prevent you from getting into an emergency situation next time.
· Trained staff
· Full development plan
· Prevention system for future water damage

Kitchen remodeling

A kitchen is a place where families gather for food and discussion. Most families try to make it appealing and catchy, in order to enjoy it as much as possible. If the kitchen requires remodeling, finding one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Connecticut is integral. We are in the market to take care of the kitchen in a truly significant way. Our previous kitchen remodeling projects have received positive feedback of satisfaction and appreciation. We deal with everything perfectly and professionally, from cabinets to floors, sinks to countertops, appliances, lighting, and more.


We will adjust your space according to the size, location, and working area. Through kitchen remodeling services, we will make your kitchen a better place for cooking, eating, and entertainment.


Spectacular lights for appealing decorum. We will make a significant change according to your preferences and our incredible designs.


A perfect kitchen transformation through our remodeling service will be a great option. We will commit to making all of your dreams come true.

Bathroom remodeling

A bathroom can reduce stress and provide comfort. This room needs to be luxurious and attractive. We can renovate your bathrooms according to your preferred designs or one of our spectacular options. We can guarantee that our renovation will give your bathroom a stunning shape. You should consider hiring The Cleaners & Builders for your next bathroom remodel to get the best possible results. Previous bathroom renovation projects of our team display our emphasis on professionalism. In addition, we certificated and ensured safety and reliability.

Upgrade bathtub or shower

We can offer a new upgrade to your bathtub or shower layout while keeping the modern-day structures.

New design

Our incredible options for the design of your bathroom will give you a breath of fresh air in the most appealing way possible.


Get the styles you want in your bathroom layout: new tile work, plumbing, painting, and more by the expert remodelers, The Cleaners, and Builders.

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